Monday, August 15, 2011

A Scheduled Living

Last week I began to put something into practice for my 5-week old son that I should have been doing for myself all along. Getting up at the same time every day is supposed to be the most important element in establishing a schedule for an infant (...or a grownup!) We've been practicing now to wake up at 7am each day. It feels so much better starting the day this way rather than trying to stretch out the sleeping hours to make up for the lack of sleep at night. I really appreciate the Lord's mercy in supplying a little helper to get me out of bed and into my spirit each morning!
Drenthe, Netherlands
When my parents came to visit a few months ago my mom brought a Kindle reader for me. I have our hymnal on it and it's been so enjoyable going through it sequentially and singing the songs that I know. It keeps my son awake and engaged and it's such a pleasant way to greet the Lord in the morning. I'm in the section on the Lord's name right now. Here's part of one from this morning:

         That name I fondly love to hear,
         It never fails my heart to cheer,
         Its music dries the falling tear;
         Exalt the name of Jesus.

                         Jesus! oh, how sweet the name,
                         Jesus! every day the same;
                         Jesus! let all saints proclaim
                         Its worthy praise forever.


  1. Amazing picture! The scheduling is a wonderful idea for you and for the baby. And what a great idea to go through all the songs! So much enlightenment and encouragement!

  2. Very encouraging! I am still guilty of sometimes trying to stretch those sleeping hours. Everything does go better though with an actual schedule.