Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Sticker Book

I've always loved stickers, so when I saw this book I couldn't resist. We've been working in it for over a year now and it's become one of our most consistently fun and relaxing things to do together.
There may be better sticker books out there...this one does have some flaws...but it dawned on me today that for the $5-$10 investment we sure have gotten a lot of mileage out of it. Here are what the pages look like:
And here is a break down of the many pros, and the few cons:
1) We do a little bit every day, and with so many pages it has lasted a long time
2) There are so many topics covered--alphabet pages, colors, tons of animals, food, clothing, vehicles--and they can lead to as much or as little discussion as we feel like. Either way it's good exposure.
3) Good practice matching the shape of each sticker to the right silhouette
4) Good practice peeling off the sticker and lining it up to its silhouette (fine motor skills)
5) It's could be used at different age levels. We use it mainly for the motor skills and topics (and it's just plain fun!), but if he were older the alphabet and clock pages would have meant more and he could be using the numbers to match up the pictures instead of the silhouettes. An older child could probably do it all by themselves, come to think of it, but the bonding time has been one of my favorite parts!

1) The stickers aren't super sticky, which is better than being too sticky, but it means that the sticker in the column next to the inside fold of the book need tape to stay in place. This actually just gives me something to do while he's getting the next sticker and makes it feel more like a corporate effort :-)
2) Hmm...that's about it! I guess to make it a real list I could add that the insect page grosses me out...but with two boys I guess I'd better get used to it. My son didn't seem to have any problem with it ;-)

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  1. Hurray for sticker books! Cherish every moment of doing it together, before he gets to the point of wanting to "do it by myself." Of course, you've built up practice of doing projects together, so he'll likely enjoy that for a long time. :-)