Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Tall, Painted Ice Cream Cone

So after lots of rainbows (including a pastel one) we decided to try our hand at something else. This is one we like to do on the chalkboard sometimes, and it translated great into the marker outline/tempera paint format!
It was fun to make something so tall (two pieces of paper taped together), and it was a great way to introduce how tints (pastels) are made. He sure enjoyed all the mixing! And this one he painted in all by himself.

On the culinary side...the green is pear flavored, the yellow scoops are lemon and banana, the peach is peach and when I asked him what came after the blueberry scoop he informed me that they were pinkberry and purpleberry (of course!)

I don't have a book for this really don't need one to get excited about ice cream ;-) But I've found lots of other fun art projects with ice cream--here's the one that made me think about ice cream being in pastels. And here's a crayon and water color version of the tall ice cream cone that I found and tried last year.

And in closing...Romans 10:12 says "The Lord is rich to all who call upon Him." Someone once helped me appreciate the word "rich" by using ice cream as an example. You don't just take a little lick of ice cream and walk away. You enjoy the richness by continuing to eat it! Every taste is so good and satisfying! Calling on the Lord's name is like eating ice cream.


  1. He painted very well. And since I love berries, I'm so glad to know that there are more kinds than I knew before! :-) And ice cream really is a good illustration of the riches we enjoy by calling on the name of the Lord!

  2. Very neat. I was confused by your culinary comment. I had to re-read several times to make sure you didn't use ice cream to paint this. I came to the conclusion that you did NOT use ice cream as paint. Am I correct?

    Please tell me - WHAT do you do with all the art projects?? Do you save 'em, store 'em, ditch 'em, what???

  3. I love it! I think I'll try this with my kids tommorow:) Thanks for the awesome art ideas!